Even Koreans have difficulty pronouncing numbers, such as telephone numbers.

There is also a change in pronunciation of numbers, so you can’t avoid mishearing them, but if possible, you should avoid making mistakes.

We will therefore explain how to make the exchange of numbers more reliable.

How to read and pronounce the phone number?

Arabic numerals are arranged, and zero is pronounced “공”.


공이 삼사오육 칠팔구구
공일공 육칠구삼 이삼오사
공일공 삼사팔육 칠일이사

If you have trouble pronouncing numbers, try practicing phone numbers.

Incidentally, 02 is the area code for Seoul, and numbers beginning with 010 are cell phones. In Korean, the area code is sayed 지역번호.

The basic rule is to pronounce them slowly one at a time.

The best way to reliably convey the number is to separate each number and pronounce it carefully.

공 일 공, 구 사 칠 육, 오 일 공 삼
공 이, 삼 육 오 일, 육 팔 공 팔

If you pause for a moment at the hyphen and then tell the next number, the person will hear you even more easily.

Techniques to ensure that the number is reliably communicated.

Hyphenate to communicate.

There are several ways to pronounce a hyphen.

You say “에” for Hyphens.

공이 오육칠삼 삼육칠일
공일공 육오이구 팔칠이삼

It’s a way of pronouncing a hyphen as “에”, but be aware that when a hyphen comes after a number with a patchum, articulation occurs.

You can say “다시” for Hyphens.

공일공 다시 구팔이육 다시 이칠사일
공오일 다시 칠오삼 다시 사팔공

It’s a way of pronouncing a hyphen as “다시”.

This is easier to hear because the pronunciation of numbers does not change before and after the hyphen.

Pronounce ‘Korean number’ mixed with.

Even if you pronounce the numbers carefully one by one, there are times when people have trouble communicating with each other.

In such cases, there is a way to replace some of the numbers with “Korean number”.

공이 공팔하나하나하나구삼
공팔공 삼삼둘하나 오사하나

Often replaced by korean numbers are “1 and 2”.

How to avoid mishearing when exchanging numbers?

Recite the number to confirm.

It’s best to check if the number was delivered correctly or if you understood it properly.

제가 한번 불러 보겠습니다.
I’ll repeat that in a moment.
다시 한번 불러 주시겠어요?
Please repeat once more.

부르다 also means “repeat”.

This expression is useful to know because it can be used in situations that require repetition.

You can ask them to enter their number or hand them a business card or note.

One sure way is to ask the other party to type in their phone number.

Then ask them to call your number once.

Or you can hand them a business card or a note with your number on it.

Unless there is a writing error, the number will be reliably transmitted.

Incidentally, the expression 연락처 is also often used to express a phone number.