Thank you for visiting “Kininaru-KOREAN”.

What’s a “Kininaru-KOREAN”?


I am running the website while teaching Korean.
This site originally started to summarize and share answers to questions received from students, but the number of visitors gradually increased.

‘Kininaru’ means “things that I want to know” in Japanese, and it’s combined to “KOREAN”.
becose, the name means “things that you want to know about Korea and Korean’.

Through the website, I will provide the know-how of language learning and the points of learning Korean as easily as possible.

For those who want to improve Korean!

If you want to improve your Korean language, always consider the following points.

Tips for learning Korean!

1、Move your mouth
You need to learn vocabulary and grammar. But moving your mouth to voice is more important. so first of all, let’s move your mouth!

2、Repeat over and over
Only a handful of ‘geniuses’ can be learned by practicing once. But if you’re not a genius, you have to practice repeatedly.

It will be difficult to practice repeatedly, But you have to do it.

Let’s study little by little.

About site articles

People have different in the meaning of the word.

The explanations on this site are not all. I hope that you refer to them as one way of thinking.

*Reprinting the contents of this site without permission is strictly prohibited.