Are there people around you who are thinking of starting something new?

What do you think should be done to achieve this?

In this lesson, let’s give them some advice in Korean.

Set actions and conditions.

More specific and limited than “-면.”

The -려면 is used to set up specific actions and requirements.

What does -려면 stand for?

①밥을 먹으려고 해요
I’m about to eat dinner.

그러면 먼저 손을 씻으세요.
Then wash your hands first.


③밥을 먹으려고 하 먼저 손을 씻으세요.
If you are going to eat dinner, wash your hands first.

Make it even shorter.

④밥을 먹으려 먼저 손을 씻으세요.
If you are going to eat dinner, wash your hands first.

In short, it is made up of -랴고 하다 and -면.

How to use “-려면”.

The usage of -려면 is similar to -려고 하다.

Av + -(으)려면

가다 + -려면 = 가려면
사다 + -려면 = 사려면
운동하다 + -려면 = 운동하려면

입다 + -려면 = 입으려면
읽다 + -려면 = 읽으려면

놀다 + -려면 = 놀려면
듣다 + -려면 = 들으려면
돕다 + -려면 = 도우려면

Use -려면 for words without a patchum in the stem, and add -으려면 when there is a patchum.

No patchum in the stem

인천공항까지 가려면 고속버스가 편해요.
If you want to go to Incheon Airport, the express bus is convenient.
컴퓨터를 배우려면 학원을 다녀 봐요.
If you want to learn computers, go to school.
여름에 운동하려면 아침에 하는 게 좋아요.
If you’re going to exercise in the summer, do it in the morning.

Have a patchum in the stem

이 의상을 입으려면 뱃살부터 좀 빼세요.
If you’re going to wear this outfit, lose the belly first.
경제신문을 읽으려면 여러 개를 읽어 보세요.
If you read the economic press, read some of them.
영수증을 찾으려면 어떡해요?
How can I get a receipt?

-려면 is also often used to recommend something to someone.

Cases of irregular changes.


클럽 가서 놀려면 돈 많이 들어요.
It costs a lot of money to go out at the clubs.

There is a ㄹ patchm in the stem, but we add -려면 as it is.

Part of ㄷpatchum

녹음한 음성 파일을 들으려면 어떻게 해요?
How do I listen to the recorded audio files?

After ㄷ changes to ㄹ, use -으려면.

Part of ㅂpatchum

어려운 사람을 도우려면 용기가 필요합니다.
It takes courage to help those in need.

Where ㅂ patchim becomes 우, and -려면 enters.

How to use “-려면” effectively.

When you want to know what is recommended.

I mentioned that -려면 is often used to recommend something to someone, but on the other hand, it is also possible to ask a question about what the recommendation is.

감기가 빨리 나으려면 뭐를 먹으면 좋을까요?
What should I eat to get over a cold faster?
청주에서 숙소를 잡으려면 어디가 좋을까요?
Where is the best place to stay in Cheongju?
주식을 비싸게 팔려면 어떤 방법이 있어요?
What is the best way to sell my shares at a higher price?
동영상 스트리밍 서비스를 이용하려면 추천하는 게 있어요?
Do you have any recommendations for video streaming services?

By asking questions like this, you can get advice in Korean.

If used with honorifics, “-시려면”.

If you are speaking to a superior, combine -려면 with the honorific -시.

김선생님을 만나시려면 내일 10시에 오세요.
If you want to see Mr. Kim, please come at ten tomorrow.
사진을 찍으시려면 여기서 찍으십시오.
If you want to take pictures, please do so here.
그 카페에서 공부하시려면 3시 쯤 가 보세요.
If you are going to study in that cafe, try to go there around 3:00.
백살까지 건강하게 사시려면 운동을 하세요.
If you want to live healthy until you’re 100, exercise.

The honorific -시 is added to -려면 to form -시려면.

Let’s use -려면 to recommend something to your friend.