There are many things in the world that must be done.

For example, you need to go through security checks before boarding an airplane, which is why you have to be at the airport early.

Let’s talk about these things in Korean this time.

What must be done.

Without it, things would not be possible.

-아/어야 하다 is a grammar indicating that a certain action or state is necessary.

Certain actions and conditions are essential.

시간에 늦으면 비행기를 못 타요.
If you are late, you will not be able to board the plane.


빨리 공항에 가야 해요.
You need to get to the airport in a hurry.

Just as you have to arrive at the airport early to catch a plane, it means that things can’t be done without it.

How to use “-아/어야 하다”.

-아/어야 하다 sentence patterns should be based on the conjugation of -아요/어요.

Vst + -아/어야 하다

사다 + -아/어야 하다 = 사야 하다
잡다 + -아/어야 하다 = 잡아야 하다
찾다 + -아/어야 하다 = 찾아야 하다

쉬다 + -아/어야 하다 = 쉬어야 하다
있다 + -아/어야 하다 = 있어야 하다
지키다 + -아/어야 하다 = 지켜야 하다

연습하다 + -아/어야 하다 = 연습해야 하다
건강하다 + -아/어야 하다 = 건강해야 하다
공부하다 + -아/어야 하다 = 공부해야 하다

If you are not good at -아요/어요, practice it as a review of sentence patterns.

The stem vowel has ‘아,오’.

들어가기 전에 미리 입장권을 사야 해요.
You have to buy an admission ticket in advance before entering.
한 번 지하철을 갈아타야 해요.
You have to change subways once.
범인은 반드시 잡아야 합니다.
The culprits must be caught.

No ‘아,오’ in the vowels.

몸이 안 좋고 아플 때는 쉬어야 해요.
If you are sick and bad condition well, you should rest.
약속은 꼭 지켜야 합니다.
We must always keep our promises.
좋은 일자리를 찾고 싶으면 대학교를 나와야 해요.
If you want a good job, you have to get out of college.

Usage of the word 하다

국제대회에서 우승하려면 많이 연습해야 해요.
If you want to win international competitions, you should practice a lot.
효과가 나올 때까지는 어느 정도 사용해야 합니다.
It must be used to some extent before it is effective.
오래 살고 싶으면 건강해야 해요.
If you want to live long, you have to be healthy.

-아/어야 하다 is often thought of only as describing an action, but it can also be combined with an adjective to express the need for something.

You can absolute conditions can be offered.

Let’s express the “conditions” we look for in the opposite sex.

-아/어야 하다 can also be used to indicate the condition being sought.

남자는 돈이 많아야 해요.
Men have to be rich.
여자는 무조건 예뻐야 해요.
A woman must be pretty.
남자친구가 되는 사람은 키가 커야 해요.
My boyfriend needs to be tall
상대방에 대한 배려를 할 수 있어야 합니다.
We must be considerate of others.

As long as a certain condition is mandatory, it represents a strong condition.

・What type of person do you like?
・What type of person would you like to have a relationship with?

You can practice this kind of talk, using -아/어야 하다.

Commonly used in colloquial speech “-아/어야 되다”.

-아/어야 하다 is often used in the “-아/어야 되다”.

다음 주부터 중국어를 배워야 돼요.
I have to start learning Chinese next week.
하루 세 잔 이상은 커피를 삼가해야 돼요.
No more than three cups of coffee per day.
이제는 남자도 요리할 수 있어야 되는 시대예요.
From now on, men must be able to cook too.

-아/어야 하다 is often used in written language, whereas -아/어야 되다 tends to be used in talk.

Let’s try talkig about obligations and conditions.