When you talk to someone you meet for the first time, the first thing you do is introduce yourself.

It all starts with a self-introduction.

In languages, the grammar used to introduce yourself is the first basic expression you learn.

※If you can speak Japanese, it's a better you look at the Japanese page. Because you can read more parfect explanations.

How to use「-입니다/입니까」

The sentence “I am ~” in Korean

You can use ‘-이다’ to make sentences like “I am ooo”.

“I am ooo” in Korean

지수 + 이다

-이다 → -입니다

저는 지수입니다.
I am Jisoo.

You use ‘-이다’ in the form of ‘-입니다’.

You must combine ‘-입니다’ with nouns.

You must combine ‘-입니다’ with nouns.

N + -입니다

김지수 + -입니다 = 김지수입니다
박지영 + -입니다 = 박지영입니다
하나코 + -입니다 = 하나코입니다

Now you will be able to introduce yourself.

When you speak your name

저는 박혜미입니다.
I am Park Hyemi.
저는 이민기입니다.
I’m Mingi Lee.

When there is a patchim in the name, the sound is connected.

When you speak someone’s job

아버지는 회사원입니다.
My father is an office worker.
수빈씨는 대학생입니다.
Soobin is a college student.

If you change ‘저’ to another language like this, you can talk about somenone.

‘-입니까’ means a question sentence.

If you use ‘-입니까’, you can ask questions.

어머니는 간호사입니까?
Is your mother a nurse?
친구도 공무원입니까?
Is your friend also a public officer?

You can also use it like this.

Three basic postpositional particles.

Nouns come with postpositional particles.

No patchim Have a patchim
-이/가 친구 동생
-은/는 친구 동생
-도 친구 동생

You should learn these little by little.

Let’s ask someone about someone’s job.

Let’s ask questions about job of the other party

무슨 일을 하세요?
What do you do for work?
저는 검사입니다.
I am a prosecutor.

You can ask about the other person’s job, like this.

The name of job in korean.

student 학생 college student 대학생
유학생 part timer 알바생
office worker 회사원 public officer 공무원
doctor 의사 pharmacist 약사
nurse 간호사 hair stylist 미용사
chef 요리사 teacher 先生
electrician 전기기사 driver 운전기사
reporter 기자 soldier 군인
police officer 경찰관 firefighter 소방관
lawyer 변호사 prosecutor 검사
magistrate 판사 announcer 아나운서
athlete 운동선수 Flight Attendant 승무원
artist 예술가 writer 작가
singer 가수 choreographer 안무가

If you practice expressing your family and friends’ job, you will be able to memorize words that you often use.

When you’re studying alone, try practicing conversation while also playing the role of the other person.