“I’m going to work today.”
“I’m going to the supermarket.”

I think everyone has some kind of “purpose” when they go out.

Although there are few people who go out without a reason, let’s express the reason for going out.

Grammar for the “purpose” of movement.

Nuance like “I’m going to ~.”

‘-러 가다/오다’ is a grammar that expresses the purpose for going out, etc.

Express the purpose.

영화를 보다.
I watch a movie.

영화를 보러 가다.
I’m going to watch a movie.

Watching movies is not an action, but an purpose.

How to use ‘-러/으러’.

Make the verb -러/으러 and add 가다 after it.

Av + -(으)러 가다/오다

사다 + -러 가다 = 사러 가다
자르다 + -러 가다 = 자르러 오다
공부하다 + -러 가다 = 공부하러 다니다

먹다 + -러 가다 = 먹으러 가다
찾다 + -러 가다 = 찾으러 가다

놀다 + -러 가다 = 놀러 가다
묻다 + -러 가다 = 물으러 가다

※Av = an action verb

No patchum in the stem

도서관에 공부하러 갑니다.
I’m going to the library to study.
편의점에 도시락을 사러 가요.
I go to a convenience store to buy lunch.
미용실에 머리를 자르러 가요.
I’m going to a hair salon for a haircut.

Add -러 to verbs without patches.

Have a patchum in the stem

학생식당에 밥 먹으러 갔어요.
We went to the student cafeteria for dinner.
내일은 기념사진을 찍으러 가요.
Tomorrow I’m going to take a picture to commemorate the occasion.
보관함의 짐을 찾으러 갑니다.
I’m going to go unpack my locker.

Verbs with patches are used with -으러.

Various uses of ‘-러 가다’

Cases of irregular changes are also presented.

The following are examples of irregular changes.


친구하고 청주에 놀러 가요.
I’m going to visit Cheongju with my friends.

The -러 가다 is added where the stem ㄹ patchum drops out.

Part of ㄷpatchum

어려운 문제를 물으러 갔습니다.
I went to ask the hard questions.

The stem ㄷ patchum changes to ㄹ followed by -으러 가다.

Part of ㅂpatchum

바닷가로 쓰레기를 주우러 갔습니다.
We went to the beach to pick up trash.

Add -러 where ㅂ changes to 우.

What verbs come in addition to 가다?

If the vocabulary means movement, you can use words other than 가다.

Examples are 오다 and 다니다.

유진씨를 만나러 왔습니다.
I came to see Ms. Yujin.
올림픽경기장까지 공연을 보러 왔어요.
I came to the Olympic Stadium to see the performance.
영어를 배우러 학원을 다녀요.
I go to cram school to learn English.
매일 운동하러 헬스장을 다녀요.
I go to the gym every day to exercise.

다니다 is often used when going to and from a specific place for errands, work, etc.

This is the case when you are going back and forth between school, work, or the supermarket you usually frequent and home.

Let’s talk in Korean about the places you frequent and what you do there.