Is there something you would like to do or experience?

In this lesson, you will learn grammar you can use to talk about them.

It’s try something.

Use it when trying something out, for example.

-아/어 보다 is often used in the sense of trying something out.

It’s try.

한 번 해요.
Do it once.


한 번 해 봅니다.
I’ll try it once.

It would mean “try it”.

The expression has a trial nuance.

How to use “-아/어 보다”.

-아/어 보다 should be used with verbs.

Av + -아/어/여 보다

가다 + -아/어 보다 = 가 봐요
오다 + -아/어 보다 = 와 봐요
받다 + -아/어 보다 = 받아 봐요

먹다 + -아/어 보다 = 먹어 봐요
입다 + -아/어 보다 = 입어 봐요
마시다 + -아/어 보다 = 마셔 봐요

생각하다 + -아/어 보다 = 생각해 봐요
검색하다 + -아/어 보다 = 검색해 봐요

The sentence form is ‘-아요/어요’ with just 보다 added.

이 차를 마셔 볼게요.
I’ll try this tea.
한번 만나 봐요.
You should see him.
영어 책을 읽어 보려고 해요.
I will try to read English books.
저도 한번 도전해 보려고 합니다.
I’d like to try it once too.

-아/어 보다 will be more often combined with other grammar.

Remember to include “spaces”.

A common mistake with -아/어 보다 is splitting.

그럼 한번 써 볼게요.
Then I’ll use it once. (ㅇ)
저도 한번 써볼게요.
I’ll try to use it once. (×)

The principle is to write with spaces.

However, some words like 물어보다 should be noted there.

You can also use “-아/어 보다” like this.

Sometimes recommend something to the other person or encourage them to take action.

It is often used as an imperative, in which case it is a call to action, “Try ~”.

이거 맛 좀 봐 봐요.
Taste a little of this.
모르는 낱말은 네이버로 검색해 봐요.
If you don’t know a word, search for it in Never.
예약이 잡히면 바로 병원에 가 보세요.
Try the hospital as soon as you can get an appointment.

You can also use it when you have something to recommend to the other person.

There’s also the nuance of “experiencing”.

It can also mean “experience” from trying something once.

한국에서는 어디어디 가 봤어요?
Where did you go in Korea?
일본에 가면 한번 운전해 보세요.
If you go to Japan, try driving a little.

If the nuance “to experience, to experience”, becomes an imperative, it means to recommend experiencing.

제주도에 가면 흑돼지를 먹어 보고 싶어요.
I would like to try heukdwaeji when I visit Jeju Island.

When used with 고 싶다, it expresses the intention to “I want to try to do”.

Let’s make various sentences and practice.